Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pangolins is a really old piece, a good indication of where I started illustration-wise.

Chef Rat is a relatively recent. Anyone for a midnight Cheese Souffle?

Louie, Louis...this is one of my dogs. There's not a whole lot to figure out about Louie. Suffice it to say he is a sublimely happy dog. The other dog, Moose, is a more complex creature; he is given to self-doubt and anxiety. I haven't made a true portrait of him. Too painful.

I've created this blog in order to join in the fun on Illustration Friday, and this is my very first test post. Since I was a fervent journaler in my youth, this feels like one of those full-circle things. Except for the fact that this is like, public, you know.


Courtney said...

Your illustrations are beautiful! I love the super worm. ;)

Anonymous said...

Though a casual acquaintance of Louie, I never knew he could be so regal. I thought him a more casual king. Love your works!!

Kayleen Stewart said...

I think you can safety flaunt your stuff in public - great work!!!