Saturday, September 30, 2006

Project Hamster

Here is the main character for a project that I am just beginning. I just love doing the must be the beady eyes. This one is always looking forward to his next meal, so a deep and meaningful connection exists between us.

Do you think he's cute enough?


Candace said...

Hi, Robyn! We have a mutual friend (Pat), always referred to as "Grace, the artist" on my blog, plus we used to go to the same church.
Is he cute enough? He's pretty darn cute, but if you want, you could take a look at cuteoverload dot com and check out her sidebar over on the left under "Rules of Cuteness" and "The Coveted Cuteness Trifecta."
They talk about ear size, head-to-body ratios, dainty paws, etc.
Have fun - it's one of my favorite sites!
I lerve your portfolio! Now if we can only get Grace, the artist, to put hers up on the web!!!

Jeannette said...

i like him!