Saturday, August 18, 2007

Angel Book

Another current project involves a whole passel of angels. Lots of skies, clouds, and drapery....and a good reason to get out some of those old masters and study them. Fra Angelico has been most helpful. (Go figure!)


Jean Marie Ward said...

You did it!
I was sorting through some old letters this p.m., came upon a letter from 1977 and decided to google your name on a whim. Found my way to your web site. One look at the pic and there was no doubt it was you. :D
If you want to get in touch my email is the same as my Live Journal handle, jmward14.
Cheers and waves,
Jean Marie

paco peralta said...

Robyn .- thank you for your visit to my blog. Now that I am way to congratulate you for these drawings so wonderful. Congratulations. I love the picture of the cat with the girl in bed, I had a cat to the same thing, really (great memories). A big hug. Greetings from Barcelona. Paco