Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Cards Past - #1

One year I will have the Christmas card finished before Thanksgiving. Not this year, but one year. This year I'll be spending the holiday before Christmas in the traditional way - in front of the drafting table wishing that I had done the card back in July.

For ten years now I have done dachshund-themed Christmas cards. I'm smitten with the little weiner dogs, and have enjoyed designing something every year that demanded no consistency of style or materials.

So here's a little trip down memory lane, starting with the first card.

This one was an unholy medieval/photo mashup. That's an ox and ass in the stable. Baby Jesus is represented by the yellow glow, in the same way that he's represented by a lightbulb in many Christmas pageants. This design was a combination of photography and some work in the late, lamented FreeHand, assembled in Photoshop.

The following year I was still doing a sacred/secular mix. Here we have the Adoration of the Wiener Dogs, with the happy dogs bounding in to greet the Holy Family with the shepherds.. I'm not sure whose image I borrowed for the base. I do apologize; this probably doesn't constitute "fair use" and I promise not to do it again. Next time I'll have to paint my own Renaissance master-esque scene. I dropped my dogs in with Photoshop.

Have you ever enjoyed a December afternoon wrapping presents and listening to the Wiener Knabenchor (Vienna Boys' Choir)? How about shattering the peace with the Howleluja Chorus and the Wiener Hundenchor? This year's card was rendered in watercolor.

More to come!

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