Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Cards Past #3

More of the dachshund cards from previous Christmases....

Merry Kissmas! Everyone likes a nice slurpy dog waiting for them under the mistletoe, right? This piece was done in a watercolor/Prismacolor mix. I like working this way, since the Prisma picks up the texture of the watercolor paper. You can get some lively color blends depending on what colors you layer.

My actual dogs, in festive finery. This was a Photoshop job, of course - time was short in 2006, no time to render! That is handsome Louie on the left, and soulful Moose on the right.

No card in 2007. I had a big job due and not even enough time to slap together a Photoshop job!

In 2008 the kiddie lit influence began to creep in. Loud zippy toys make for happy kids but annoyed old wiener dog. This piece was done in oil.

Last year's card was another oil. Santa better get to this house quick...those cookies ain't gonna last.

This year's greeting will appear later this week. Our tree is decorated and there's just a little shopping to do. Time to fire up the CD player, listen to some favorite Christmas music, and try to avoid the egg nog and baked goodies for another week!

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